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Collaboration with Baedal Minjeok
Collaboration with Baedal Minjeok
  • Collaboration with the delivery service for household items "Baedal Minjeok” with its unique pun
2nd Aekyung Design Festival
  • Design festival that promotes creative and unconventional thinking that is beyond imagination.
2nd Aekyung Design Festival
  • Combine beauty and fashion in collaboration with the new-generation fashion designer "Han-hee Kye" with "Find Your Signature Code" as a theme which means "start a journey to find your own beauty and style".


Kerasys Gift Set
Gift set that holds social values of sharing and hope
  • Launched a gift set collaborated with disabled authors and Marymond brand
The very first collaboration of
Beauty x Fashion x Pop-Art in Korea
  • RUNWAY CITY COLLECTION produced by Fashion Designer Lee Do-ii and Pop-Artist Artnom with their inspiration derived from runway show
Launched limited edition Launched a design festival
Launched Limited Edition Launched a Design Festival
  • Exhibiting Design Festival, Unique Design developed from Designers’ idea through Creative Works
Street Trend Research
  • Predicting Trend and Suggesting New Product Idea through Trend Research
Street trend research


Collaboration with web-comic artist Jo Suk
Collaboration with Web-Comic Artist Jo Suk
  • Launched Kerasys ‘Cool Morning Shampoo’
  • Launched 2080 ‘Sound of Heart’ toothpaste
Launched Limited Edition Toothpaste
  • Launched 2080 ‘Holiday Loveholic’ toothpaste
Launched 2080 ‘Holiday Loveholic’ toothpaste
2080, Collabolation with Line
2080, Collabolation with Line
  • Launched ‘Line Friends Jasmin scent’


Launched 2080 ‘Design Pop’ toothbrush
Collaboration with Global Designers
  • Launched 2080 ‘Design Pop’ toothbrush
Launched Limited Edition Toothpaste
  • Launched 2080 ‘Holiday Loveholic’ Toothpaste
  • Launched ‘Halloween’ Toothpaste
Launched ‘Halloween’ toothpaste


케라시스 퍼퓸 샴푸
Kerasys Perfume Shampoo- No.1 Market Share
  • Ranked No.1 with 43% of Market Share and Achieved ‘Accumulated sales of KRW 10 billion’ in December 2012 (Researched by AC Nielson)
Gift Set Sensitivity Design Collaboration
  • Launched ‘Marilyn Monroe’ collection and
    ‘Van Gogh’ collection
Launched ‘Marilyn Monroe’ collection and ‘Van Gogh’ collection


Kerasys Shampoo- Collaboration with Yellena James
Kerasys Shampoo- Collaboration with Yellena James
  • Strengthening Design competitiveness through collaboration with Australian illustrator
Consultant Invitation Lecture
  • Prof. Park Gyu-won, College of Design, Hanyang University
  • Prof. Na Geon, International Design School for Advanced Studies, Hongik University
Consultant Invitation Lecture


순샘 버블
Collaboration with Global Designers
  • Launched products through collaboration with Global Industrial Designer ‘Karim Rashid’
Smart Green Campaign
  • Organized a campaign to ‘use the Exact Amount’ of detergent by launching 1/2 Enrichment LiQ
Customer Participation innovation lab
Customer Participation Innovation Lab
  • Strategic Design Mind Construction by Listening to Customers through Home Visit and FGI


Awarded a presidential prize in the 11th Korea Design Award
Awarded a Presidential prize in the 11th Korea Design Award
  • Received a ‘presidential Citation’ with the Acknowledgement as Design Management Leading Company
Innovation Lab
  • Trend Forecast and Suggestion of New Product Idea through Innovation lab


Global internship
Global Internship
  • Publicizing Design Competitiveness of Korea, Strengthening Internal Designers’ Communication Ability and Global Mind
  • - Mid Sweden University, Sweden Design University.
  • - France Design university
Global Report
  • Overseas College Student Reporters who report about overseas trend and culture
Global Report
Invitation lectures by Korean and Foreign Professionals
  • Vice Mayor Gwon Young-geol, Director of Seoul Design
  • Director Lee Chul-bae, LG Electronic Design Management Center
  • Prof. Na Geon, Adidas
  • Togawa Yuko, Personal Color List
  • Kim Hong-tak CD, Cheil Worldwide Inc.


AEKYUNG Design Center
Established AEKYUNG Design Center
  • Established the first autonomous In-house Design Center in Korea
  • Member of the committees of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Association) visited the center
  • China Design Association visited the center
  • Sweden Packaging Board of Investment visited the center