Company Profile

Design Center Introduction

Center Introduction

Design Center Introduction

With an objective to use the Design Center as the Company’s Innovation Engine,
AEKYUNG seeks for Continuous Changes.

Design Center overview

After the establishment of the Design Center in 1997, AEKYUNG became the first company in Korea with Autonomous Development Competence. With distinctive concept of ‘Changes and Innovation through Space of Communication’,
AEKYUNG continues to vitalize innovation lab that actively suggests imagination and ideas without any limitation.
The company environment also helps in bringing up such ideas as a resting place with birch forest, green grass and hardwood is opened for everyone on the first floor of the Center.
Moreover, the unique space is completed with orange color which symbolizes passion. The design center continues to have special changes not only in Working Environment, but also in Corporate Culture.


  1. 2023 ~ Till date
    Providing a new brand experience through design through changes in dimension and perspective
    • Fostering mega-brands through premium product development
    • Reinforcing design competitiveness through globalization
    • Expansion of design communication with customers through digital transformation
  2. 2016 ~ 2022
    Sympathy, communication and diffusion through design
    • Conducted consistent researches on customer-loving and environment-honoring activities
    • Evolution of Process with Concept Design Suggestion
    • Expansion of Creativity – In and Out of the Company Building
    • Continuous research on activities that love customers and respect the environment
    • Process evolution through concept design proposals
    • Diffusion of creativity inside and outside
  3. 2009 ~ 2015
    Value Innovation through Design
    • Brand Value Innovation through Design Competitiveness
    • Implemented Convenient Smart Design Strategy to customers which is also beneficial to environment in every stage of Product Life Cycle
    • Received Grand Prize in ‘the 11th Korea Design Award’, The Top award in the field of Design Awarded as a Presidential Prize in Design Management Sector
  4. 2004 ~ 2009
    Design Maturing Stage
    • Benefit contribution through design by securing Product Competitiveness
    • Integration of Design Center- Design Team + Package Development Team
    • Design Center Building newly constructed
    • 23 Designers and Developers
  5. 1998 ~ 2003
    Design Developing Stage
    • Expansion of Design Contribution Rate through the Group and Corporate Design Support
    • Task expanded from Household Goods to Cosmetics
    • Design Center under direct control of the CEO
    • 12 designers
  6. 1991 ~ 1997
    Design Initial Stage
    • Focused on Differentiated Design, expressed the Importance of Design
    • Design department under Marketing
    • 12 designers
  7. 1985 ~ 1990
    • Used the design of Unilever, the joint the joint-venture corporate
    • Design Hall of Marketing
    • 2 Designers

Strategic Map

Design Center Strategic Map

  • Good Design

    Design for Customer-Loving, Environment-Honoring Future
    Good Products Beneficial for People and Environment
    Sincerity/ Convenience/ Eco-Friendly

  • Brand Design

    Good Design Reduces Marketing Expenses. Design that Elevates Brand Value

  • Idealized Designer

    Person who Works and Enjoys Passionately, Person who is inquisitive and Creative, Person who can think DIFFERENTLY.

Design Philosophy

A design that holds the customer’s tomorrow

As the Life-Culture Company endeavoring to raise the standard of customers’ life, AEKYUNG designs life culture of today’s happiness and tomorrow’s affluence for customers. This is the design philosophy of AEKYUNG.

  • VALUE Invisible Value of Purity. AEKYUNG Design thinks about hidden value. Design that discovers and holds natural values.
  • USABILITY Convenience. Having Customers at Heart. Design that Sympathizes with Customers through Optimized Design and Intuitive Expression.
  • UNIQUE Pleasure, Making Life Meaningful. AEKYUNG Design thinks of pleasant Life. Delightful Design that makes peoples life pleasant and meaningful.