Company Profile



AEKYUNG endeavors to provide
clean and affluent life of consumers.

Hello? Dear our valued customers, I am CHAE DONGSEOK,
CEO and vice-chairman of Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd.

With ‘Love & Respect’ as the corporate philosophy and the corporate name, Aekyung Industrial has been a history of household goods of Korea continuously over the generations.

AEKYUNG’s household goods and cosmetics businesses started in 1954 under Aekyung Oil Industrial Co., Ltd. It continued to Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1985 and has grown by the love and reliability of customers.

We are truly thankful for infinite love and encouragement for the last 60 years.

We will make every effort to produce good products and to create differentiated values so that people may enjoy fertile and clean life.

In addition, we will maximize joy and satisfaction of customers with eco-friendly technologies and products and promote sustainable growth through global management.

And, we will make sincere efforts to carry out social responsibilities and will make ceaseless challenge for future value so that AEKYUNG can be a ‘leading company to achieve Beauty-for-All’ ultimately.

Thank you.

Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. AEKYUNG Group
Vice-Chairman Dong-seok Chae

Group Chairwoman

We promise to become a Life-Beauty Leading
Company that gives happiness to our consumers.

AEKYUNG has been developing in love and trust you gave us.
I would appreciate all for your strong support
and affection towards AEKYUNG.

Aekyung takes a pride that the company has been leading to change the history of Korean life culture. We have been striving to become a beloved company of Korea. Even in the years to come, AEKYUNG will keep moving on to create advanced technology and to lead new life culture in Korea.

Based on business philosophy of ‘Progressive Thoughts, Progressive Technology and Progressive Management Creating Affluent and Happy Life’, We promise to endeavor to become a beloved company that continues to develop in love and trust of our consumers.
Thank you.

Chairwoman, Young-shin Jang