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Eco-friendly Management

Smart Green Management

Smart Green Management

  • More conveniently, pleasantly and naturally participating in eco-friendly activities
  • Satisfying consumers’ eco-friendly needs
  • Enterprise Eco-friendly activities
  • Eco-friendly products and service provision

On 13 May 2010, Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. Proclaimed ‘Smart Green Management’ in order to become a company that provides comfortable home environment and convenient, Eco-Friendly products. The philosophy of Smart Green Management is ‘Smart Management through which the company provides Safe, Convenient products and Pleasant service to consumers so that they can enjoy the Best products and Best service of Aekyung Industrial and Simultaneously Practice Eco-friendly activities’.

As the example of Smart Green Management Practice, Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. received numerous awards in ‘Green Product of the Year’;
Liquid laundry detergent ‘LiQ’ in 2010,
‘Esthaar Shampoo’ in 2011,
powder laundry detergent ‘Spark Mini’ in 2012,
powder laundry detergent ‘Perfect Single-Use Rinsing’ in 2013,
‘2080 Bay Salt Gargle’ in 2014,
‘Home’z Quick-Clean Magic Foam Power Booster’ in 2015.
As a result, AEKYUNG achieved successful outcome of being appointed as the company for the ‘Green Product of the Year’ for 6 consecutive years.

As stated above, The company will continue to develop to become an enterprise for both consumers and environment through enterprise ‘Smart Green Management’ in Marketing, Research, Design, Factory, Distribution, Environment and safety. We will continue providing eco-friendly products in order to satisfy consumers’ demand and naturally change our consumers to become nature-, environment-loving consumers by using the products of Aekyung Industrial.

Demand for Environmental Certification of Products

Number of products with environmental certification per year

Nowadays, There is a gradual increase in demand for eco-friendly products from both consumers and distribution companies.
In order to meet these demands and to provide high-quality eco-friendly products to consumers, Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. is producing more eco-friendly products through consistent research and development. With the acquisition of 5 eco-friendly certified products in 2007, The number of eco-friendly products increased until 2013 despite the strict certification maintenance condition, And by 2015, The company has maintained 134 numbers of products.
Even in the following years, Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. Promises to provide eco-friendly products to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Sales of Eco-friendly Products

Sales of Eco-friendly Products (One million KRW)

With the increase in consumers’ interest on eco-friendly products, Aekyung Industrial has been consistently promoting
eco-friendly certification of products and continues to increase sales even in difficult economic condition.

Research Development and Environment

Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. endeavors to produce safer and more eco-friendly
products which include not only Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Detergent, Fabric Softener,
Hair Products, Oral Products, Body Products, Home Products, Cosmetics, but also Food and Health Functional Food Products.

Demand for Environmental Certification of Products

In order to actualize truthful green management, Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. is producing and selling eco-friendly products. Thus, All products of the company are being developed through ‘Green Product Development Process’. We are designing products by evaluating all products under strict criteria such as Quality, Safety, Eco-friendliness and green effect evaluation, and through the process, dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent are marked with eco-labeling and carbon/ low-carbon/ carbon neutral certification. Besides, hair products and fabric softener acquired LOHAS certification. We are putting our best efforts to provide green products to our consumers.

Understanding consumers’ demand- Product designing – Securing material safety- Securing eco-friendly quality- Green effect evaluation- Verification- Validity check- Confirmation

The employees of Aekyung Industrial are voluntarily participating in these green management activities. They suggest Innovative, Eco-friendly ideas and Practice activities to realize such ideas. In order to nurture environment professionals,
The company is carrying out in-company trainings and we endeavor to actualize smart green management.

By realizing Eco-friendly, Innovative product development, We desire to perform our role as a good company by building
green product development foundation and by delivering information of quality, Environment, Safety and health to the
interested persons through the company reports. Furthermore, In order to become a company with Corporate Social Responsibility, We prohibited animal test and chose substitute tests by increasing the use of natural materials. With such efforts, we are currently developing globally recognized eco-friendly products by acquiring the world’s first low-carbon labeling certification and the first carbon neutral product certification in the field.

Design and Environment

2016, Aekyung Industrial Design Center is continuously launching design that can lead consumers’ lifestyle
through brand power building.
Besides, by launching eco-friendly products including products life cycle, We are developing designs which take both society and environment into consideration.
The Design Center is currently conducting various researches for enhancing productivity and reducing packing material weight and volume to reduce carbon dioxide. The design center is also making numerous attempts to improve consumers’ convenience through packing material renewal and functionalization.

Response to Climate Change

AEKYUNG, Smart Green Management Case Study

Safety and Health Training Materials

By carrying out greenhouse gas emission reduction activity in every stage of producing Smart Green Liquid Detergent ‘LiQ’,
We could reduce total 1,432ton CO2 for two years. The amount is equal to the annual amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 217,000 pine trees 30 years ago and when it is converted to the amount of power consumption, It gives the effect of saving about KRW 100,000 electricity bill per household for 5,000 households (with 4 family members).
Even in the following years, We plan to develop eco-friendly products though active implementation of low carbon dioxide product development process and continue to expand activities to practice ‘Smart Green Management’. (Conversion Reference: Information received from Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, KEITI)

Fire Prevention Training

Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. places employees’ safety and health as our top priority. Thus, We conduct environment / safety accident prevention training every year to prevent accidents caused by Hazardous Chemical Emission, Fire, Equipment and Chemical Installation.
Besides, We endeavor to make safer work environment by conducting daily Environmental / Safety patrol system with Environment, Safety Manager and Supervisors, And by introducing cross-check system with professionals’ regular visit.

Furthermore, We are putting our best efforts to enhance safety in our working environment through regular discussion about necessary condition for employees’ safety and health by organizing the Industrial Safety and Health Committee in every quarter. We evaluate working environment by measuring Noise, Dust, Hazardous Substances And Carry out risk evaluation at every processing stage to investigate hazardous factors in order to create safe working environments for all employees.

Despite the efforts, There were one industrial accident and two injuries in 2015.
By using these accident cases as safety and health training materials, We are regularly training all employees though corporate and department education. With such efforts, We are trying to make accident-free-workplace by consistently instilling accident prevention consciousness to our employees.