Company Profile

Enhancement of Organizational Values

Organizational Culture

Operation of AK in-company coach system and appointed as 2015 excellent coaching culture company

We selected coaching as central communication culture for good organizational culture with a goal, ‘Structuring Organization Where Coaching is Alive’. With the objective, We have been expanding coaching activity by scouting external coaching professionals since 2009. At the initial stage, We carried out manager-centered coaching but since 2013, We began to implement coaching programs for all employees. Moreover, in order to internalize coaching as our corporate capability, We selected a few talented AEKYUNG employees to be nurture as our corporate coaches. For 16 years of practice, Total 27 employees acquired professional coach certification from Korea Coach Association and those who were selected as corporate coach with professional qualification, They continue to develop coaching skills through corporate coaching competence program. Annually, we organize various activities through which employees’ potential can be derived by contacting and communicating with executives and staff members. Through such consistent creation of coaching organization and expansion of coaching culture, AEKYUNG received an excellent coaching culture company award at the ‘12th Korea Coach Contest’ in 2015 organized by Korea Coach Association.

Operation of AK in-company coach system and appointed as 2015 excellent coaching culture company

Short-term achievement reward

We reduced standardized prize like performance evaluation and commemoration on foundation which are held only once or twice per year. But instead, We planned to organize special award programs where all employees can be motivated and celebrate their hard work and performance. The program began in 2012 monthly and this enables us to secure adequacy of award period on employees’ short-term performance and share employees’ successful performance. We endeavor to develop this project into a program through which all employees can learn to accumulate development habit.

Short-term and prize award

Moreover, by sharing short-term prize award with all employees, We could file them and expose them to mass media as successful case study to publicize their performance. This contributed to promote their pride and motivation.

Short-term and prize award

2016, received grand prize among 100 top companies in Korea for 3 consecutive years

AEKYUNG was acknowledged for contributing to industrial development by creating excellent workplace through Innovative System and Trust Management Practice. And in 2016, the company won the highest honor of receiving the grand prize in manufacturing sector among the 100 top companies in Korea for 3 consecutive years. The award is especially remarkable as it is the 3rd grand prize received. It was possible as the members of AEKYUNG contributed to operate various corporate programs like ‘Short-Term and Prize Award’, ‘Family Day’ and ‘Happy Lunch’ so that all employees could have harmoniously balanced family life and company life. Moreover, the company sponsors foreign language course and online course so that employees can strengthen their capabilities in contributing to the company’s development. As a result, we obtained good scores in company evaluation under the criteria of Trust, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Pleasure and it enabled us to receive the grand prize in 2016 for 3 consecutive years.

2016, received grand prize among 100 top companies in Korea for 3 consecutive years

Appointed as a Family-Friendly company

Appointed as a family-friendly company

In December 2013, AEKYUNG Industry was appointed as a family-friendly company by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family. In order to create an organizational culture where employees can work with pride and pleasure, and to enhance mutual trust among employees, We developed and implemented various programs like ‘Happy Lunch’ and ‘Family Day’.

Through this, we endeavored to make good organizational culture and create happy company. As for the result, satisfaction level of employees on work atmosphere has been largely increased.

Industrial Relations

Human Rights Management and Prohibition of Discrimination

In order to guarantee basic rights and equal work environment for all employees, The company executives and team leaders of human resource department establish goals every year based on MOU for the Protection of Workers’ human rights.
We receive performance result through regularly conducted SFA survey which indicates that the board of directors takes the initiatives in implementing detailed plans for Human Rights Management.
For instance, the company implemented the following policies in advance through active promotion of the
HR board Member: laws on Ordinary Wage, Deferred Retirement Age and Fair Employment Procedure. Through the implementation, we could discover labor issue in advance and resolve them quickly.

Goal Establishment and Evaluation of all Employees

AEKYUNG performance evaluation supports performance centered cultural cultivation.
It is a system with an objective to reward employees with high performance and motivate employees with low performance.
The evaluation is divided into performance evaluation and capability evaluation. The subjects of evaluation are divided into ‘Subject of Annual Salary’, ‘Subject of Simple Consideration of Service (Partial employees working for desk job, Auto-progressively paid job in production / distribution / field sectors) and ‘Subjects of Specialized and Contract Workers’.
Regardless of gender, Position and duty, Performance of all employees is evaluated regularly through the process of mutual negotiation with evaluators.

<Directing Point of Evaluation>
  • 1. Link between Personal Goal and Organizational Goal
    → Specification of Personal Goal for Organization Performance and Creation
  • 2. Performance Improvement and Leadership Securement
    → Acceleration of Performance Improvement / Consistent Improvement Induction
  • 3. Understanding Factors for Poor and Successful Performance
    → Understanding the Causes of Present Performance for Future Improvement
  • 4. Evaluation Process laying emphasis on Negotiation
    → Establishing Negotiated Goals and Confirming Evaluation Result
  • 5. Motivating Employee
    → Understanding Potential in Performance Improvement / Connecting Evaluation Result With Reward
  • 6. Visible Connection Between Performance and Reward
    → Connection Between Evaluation Result and Reward / Strengthening Evaluation Result Feedback

Industrial Relation of Trust

Based on cooperative and productive industrial Relations, Labor association of AEKYUNG performs common social responsibility of labor and management in different ways to secure competitiveness in market and to improve working conditions for our employees.

  • 1. Regular Meetings of Labor- Management Committees (Non-Bargaining Settlements of AEKYUNG Labor-Management Committee in Collective Wage Negotiation for 14 Consecutive Years)

    The representatives of both labor-management committees regularly have quarterly meeting to share issues in company and labor association and discuss about resolving fundamental issues of labor-management.
    In order to derive cooperative industrial management, We place mutual trust as our top priority and carry out various activities to improve company productivity and examine company environment in depth through labor complain resolution, prevention of labor disputes and improvement of personnel labor management.

  • 2. Programs for United Labor-Management
    Programs for United Labor-Management

    The company annually organizes an event for united labor-management with the objectives of providing opportunities to cooperate, Smoothly respond to numerous crises, relieve fatigue and motivate labors.
    The workshop participated by both representatives and workers are held twice a year and in the events, We try our best to discover opportunities for benchmarking by experiencing labor-management negotiation process, production processing line, product quality enhancement and industrial safety management of both domestic and global leading companies.

    Moreover, the events are considered as the place of understanding and openly discussing issues faced by both labor and management to co-exist in harmony.

Appreciation Management

‘AEKYUNG’ (Love and Respect) you A Culture Freely Expressing Love and Honor

‘AEKYUNG’ (love and honor) you

The very first page of the company magazine is covered by ‘We AEKYUNG You’.
‘AEKYUNG’ is a compound word consisted of ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ which freely expresses ‘Love and Respect’ in the company.

This shows how the company practices the corporate philosophy to ‘Love people and Respect Celestiality. We freely express our Love and Respect through the article and build` Organizational Culture with high Solidarity.

Appreciation Campaign of AEKYUNG

AEKYUNG organized a campaign through which everyone in the company can be grateful to work in the present environment by producing three types of stickers that say ‘Thank you for not being broken down’, ‘Thank you for letting me work in such a good environment’ and ‘Thank you for letting me work with good colleagues’ and pasted on the desk of all employees and equipment. Moreover, We are planning to carry out diverse programs like writing appreciation diary and delivering appreciation messages so that all employees can feel positive power with gratitude.

Liquid field/ Shampoo field/ Toothpaste field/ Cosmetic field

Reading Management

Reading Management Philosophy of AEKYUNG

AEKYUNG introduced reading management in 2007 and the company has been carrying out the long-term plan for over 10 years to realize the CEO’s reading management philosophy that aims to promote employees’ development and happiness through books and to actively share the company’s direction through communication.
Result of operating ‘Junior Board’, The exclusive organization, and performing reading management for several years, Reading has finally entered into the stage of contributing to the company’s performance improvement based on the established reading management culture.

Major Activities by Year
  • Initial Stage of Reading Management 2007 ~ 2008 Building a book purchasing system, CEO recommended books and more
  • Expanding Stage 2009 ~ 2010 Introduction of lecture from author, book report reward and more
  • Culture Settling Stage 2011 ~ 2012 Reading relay, external activities and more
  • Performance Improvement 2013 ~ 2020 Capability development books, reflection of personal performance indicator, booKing festival, group reading debate and more

Support for reading

The company provides book points of total KRW 160,000 to all employees with which they can purchase books through the company's Book Purchasing System.

Book Sharing Activity

It’s been 9 years since Aekyng Industry began to donate books. ‘Book Donation with Love’ is a good campaign through which youths living in remote places can receive books and recycle our precious nature and knowledge.

Year Donated to Number of books donated
2008 Jirisan High School in Sancheong, Gyeongnam 1,000
Jayul Byeonsanseo Middle School in Buan, Jeonbuk
2009 Aphae High School in Shinan, Jeonnam 3,200
Banyeo Middle School in Haewundae, Busan
2010 Gohan Middle School in Jeongsan 3,400
Nangju High School in Jeonnam
Hampyeong Middle School in Jeonnam
2011 Munmak High School in Wonju, Gangwondo 3,000
Year Donated to Number of books donated
2012 Hongcheon High School in Hongcheon, Gangwondo 2,000
2013 Daeheung High School in Yesan, Chungnam 2,141
2014 Yeongrim Middle School in Seoul 500
2015 Youngseo Elementary School in Seoul 500
2016 Local Child Community Center in Guro-gu, Seoul 798
2018 Guro Elementary School 600
2019 Seongsan Middle School 590
2020 Donggyo Elementary School 952
Total number of books donated 18,681