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Research & Development



AEKYUNG R&D Center is moving forward with a Goal of Developing High-value added Products through Consistent Technology Innovation.

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Since the establishment of AEKYUNG R&D Center in 1983, The Center has been putting the best effort to construct no.1 brand and to develop high-value added business group not only in household goods, but also in cosmetics and quasi-drugs.
Presently, The Center is striving to secure excellent research manpower and cutting edge research instrument along with its entrance into Daeduk Science Town. Through active researches, We plan to develop The Center from exclusive research center for Household Goods into an Elite Global Chemical Research Institute of the 21st century. The R&D center has a mission to develop new products and to conduct researches on product improvement and future technology. In order to accomplish these goals, The Center secures core research manpower and countermeasure technology and establishes customer satisfaction R&D system through customer needs Analysis, New Technology Analysis, Best Solution Development and Quality Competitiveness Securement. These efforts show The Center’s passion in Creative, Innovative Product Development by using cutting edge technology and advanced materials.

Open Innovation

AEKYUNG R&D Center strives to bring out the best performance through 4 Generation R&D.
It is to construct R&D system grafted onto research development and new project incubation, and to accelerate Open Innovation in order to move forward with our customers.
The door of our R&D Center is always open to ideas in all fields of AEKYUNG from Laundry Detergent, Kitchen Products to Hair Care Products, Oral Products, Cosmetics and Food.
Anyone interested in having an opportunity to conduct joint research or commercialization with research result, please contact us. We can give commercialization and joint research opportunities after the consultation.

Open Innovation



AEKYUNG R&D Center Beauty Care Sector actively promotes researches that provide Healthy Beauty to our customers.

Skin Care 에이지트웨니스 제품

We began to provide products that promote customers’ healthy skin with ‘POINT’ which is renowned for its advertisement: “Makeup-cleansing is more important”.
Then the production was followed by ‘A-Solution’, the FIRST ACNE CARE COSMETIC in Korea,
‘Dr. Lewinn’s’, no.1 Australian Dermatology Cosmetic Skincare and more.

In order to achieve our goal, we continue to promote development on stabilization of functional ingredients, utilization of cutting edge biotechnology & researches on percutaneous absorption and development on special, new formulation. We strive to create values through which we can satisfy efficacy and customers’ sensitivity at the same time.

Make up 에이지트웨니스 팩트

With the introduction of ‘Marie Claire’ that led color makeup market in the late 90s, we continue to lead color makeup market through the brands like ‘LUNA’, A Professional Makeup Brand, and ‘Age 20’s’, the most popular item in TV home-shopping beauty shows.

For better production development, we are carrying out various researches like researches on Color Makeup Powder, Development of Water Drop-Type Cosmetic that Contains Powder, Color Maintenance and Skin Adhesion Improvement. Through these efforts, we are focusing on product development in need.



AEKYUNG R&D Center Personal Care Sector strives to win our customers’ trust in innovative products like Hair Care, Body Care and Oral Care Products.

Hair Care 케라시스 제품

AEKYUNG Hair Care promotes ‘Healthy and Beautiful Hair through Damaged Hair Care’ and continues to develop damaged hair care line such as “Hanaro Shampoo” which gives the effects of both shampoo and conditioner, and “Kerasys Hair Clinic” which prescribes remedy for different causes of hair damage. We also provide general hair care total solution like Color, Smoothness, Volume, Styling and Dying in Addition to Damage Care.

The focus of recent research activities is on ‘Creation of Trend Through Technology Development’ and as a result, we introduced new products like Perfume-Shampoo for hair “Kerasys Perfume Limited” and No silicon, No paraben, No isothiazolinone “Kerasys Naturing”.

Body Care 샤워메이트 제품

We are developing numerous total functional body care products which include functional line total body care ‘Shower Mate’ that meets customers’ needs with ‘Perfume’ as the Basic Concept, ‘Hyun’ which contains 6-year-old red ginseng enriched, Guaranteed by Nonghyup Hansamin, family body lotion ‘Vaseline’ and more.

We continue to conduct researches in order to meet our customers’ needs through the researches on foam which is the base of Cleansing, Natural Ingredients Utilizing Measures, Functional segmentation by skin type and more.

Dental Care 2080 Toothpaste

We are developing products related to oral care like the first medicinal herb toothpaste in Korea ‘Dong-eui Medicinal Herbal’ toothpaste, Family toothpaste developed with a motto to preserve 20 healthy teeth by age 80s ‘2080 Toothpaste’ and more.
Dental Care sector continues to research on product development that helps to maintain oral health and to prevent various oral diseases through technology development on Gum Diseases Prevention, Dental Whitening, Foul Odor Improvement and more.



AEKYUNG R&D Center Home Care Sector is ceaselessly conducting researches on market-leading home products that can add more convenience to our customers like Laundry Products, Kitchen Products, Multi-Purpose Detergent, Pet Products and so on.

Hygiene care Hygiene care앤 제품

The concept of hygiene is changing. In the past, hygiene was a mere everyday habit of washing hands and body and was no different to simple tasks such as car washing or house cleaning. As new viruses and contaminants are garnering a lot of attention, the concept of hygiene is becoming a way of self-vaccination that offers protection from evolving external environments and new types of diseases.

‘LABCCINE’ was created to deal with worsening air quality, viruses and constantly changing external factors and to promote hygienic everyday habits closer to perfection. Hygiene starts with personal cleanliness.It extends to keeping the everyday environment and living space clean.

Fabric Care Fabric Care

AEKYUNG has been developing various products for customers’ clean and healthy lifestyle such as the First Low Carbon Certified Laundry Detergent in the world that possesses powerful washing capacity and high solubility in cold water ‘Spark’, the first gel-type laundry detergent in Korea, ‘LiQ’, the First Wool Mark Certified Laundry Detergent in Korea with numerous functions specialized for fabric protection, ‘Wool Shampoo’ and more.
Currently, The Center is carrying out various research activities for sustainability development like development of Eco-Friendly materials or products along with product development that meets Consistently-Changing demands of customers and washing environment. AEKYUNG promises to continue researches with a goal to develop Eco-Friendly, Healthy and Safe Products for our customers.

Living Care Trio

The sector is responsible for taking care of home kitchen by developing various kitchen products like the First Dishwashing Detergent in Korea, ‘Trio’, Eco-Friendly Safe Dishwashing Detergent ‘Soonsaem’, Foam-type Dishwashing Detergent, ‘Soonsaem Bubble’ and more.
Moreover, We keep developing Eco-Friendly products with a consciousness that low carbon green growth is part of our social responsibility. As a result, All our dishwashing detergents are certified the environment mark or low carbon labelling certification from Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI).
AEKYUNG strives to discover Safe, Natural ingredients and to develop economic, High-Quality products in order to win our customers’ trust.

Surface Cleaner 세정 제품들

AEKYUNG developed multi-purpose cleaning products through in-depth researches on cleaning technology. We contributed to products like Multi-Purpose cleaning detergent with
Color-Changing technology ‘Quick Clean Magic Foam’ and ‘Magic Gel EX-WHITE’, Which are excellent for mold sterilization and bleaching. We promise to make your home Clean, Safe by conducting continuous cleaning technology researches so that customers can use our products easily and quickly.

Pet Care Surface Cleaner

AEKYUNG carried out numerous researches on pet products with pet experts like veterinarians and pet beauticians from The Pet Expert Company, Irion. Through the long-term professional researches, we discovered that pet skin has different characteristics from human beings and it helped us to produce scientific and safe products suitable for pet skin which is more sensitive and delicate.
Through the premium pet care brand ‘Whistle’ and more excellent products, we promise to deliver our authentic values and sincere affection for pets and our customers.



AEKYUNG R&D Center Fundamental Research Sector discovers Bio, Natural Ingredients, New Materials and strives to provide better products to customers by utilizing the discovered materials and ingredients on products.

Whitening Peptide

The sector designs and synthesizes materials possessing melanin generating inhibition effect as a core whitening functional cosmetic ingredient and develops whitening cosmetics by using the materials.

  • - Complex Whitening Material that possesses natural ingredients with inhibition effect
    toward tyrosinase enzyme and dipeptide with ‘MC1R ANTAGONIST’ function in a single molecule
  • - Enhanced whitening effect compared to the previous whitening ingredients (Arbutin)
    through complex mechanism
  • - Technology with remedied problems of material stability and production cost
    through derivative development by using dipeptide

Ingredients for Wrinkle Improvement

Designs and Synthesizes Ingredients that enhance collagen synthesis, inhibition of collagenase activity and inhibition effect of elastinase activity

  • - Composite Ingredients with enhanced effect of wrinkle improvement by combining
    natural ingredients and peptide


Develops Pseudoceramide Compound and Composition of Skin External Application containing the compound

  • - Skin Protection effect and Skin Barrier Function recovery
  • - Hair Protection and Hair Tissue Enhancement adhesion effect

Anti-acne ingredients

Analyzes complex causes of acne and Develops ingredients that help in acne prevention

  • - Development of ingredients with Antibacterial activity against P. acnes, The Main Acne Pathogen
  • - Development of ingredients with Anti-Inflammation effect

Dentinal Tubules Occlusion System

Develops Excellent Dentinal Tubules occlusion inducing ingredients

  • - Dentinal Tubules Occlusion System using Natural Polymer with High Dental Tissue Affinity
  • - Fine gel Remineralization through tubules occlusion



Akeyung R&D Center Safety Assessment Sector reinforces Safety Evaluation in the whole process of development in order to provide products that are safe from Hazardous Chemical Substances.

Analyzes hazardous substances in materials and products

Safe products are made with safe materials. In order to make sure that our products do not contain hazardous substances, AEKYUNG R&D Center checks and manages hazardous substances in materials through cutting edge instrument.
Besides, The Center carries out procedures that objectively check product safety by analyzing hazardous substance through professional analytical laboratories.

Product Safety Evaluation

Nowadays, there seems to be an increase in customers’ anxiety and distrust on
Chemical Products. Therefore, AEKYUNG Industry believes that Development of Safer Products is the only path to fulfill corporate responsibility and recover customers’ trust.
AEKYUNG places Safety as our Top Priority in the whole process of production from Product Planning, Designing, Manufacturing to Sales and Customers’ use.

Under the belief that safe products are produced by Safe Design, we make sure that all products go through Safety Check Process. Therefore, R&D Center confirms Product Safety through tests on Skin Irritation, Skin Sensitization, Eye Irritation and Oral Toxicity.

Alternative Test Methods

With the global expansion of animal welfare consciousness, there is an increase in international regulations and treaties on animal test prohibition. Following the Trend, Development and Management of Alternative Tests became Highly Significant to the company.
AEKYUNG R&D Center established various alternative test methods like
Cytotoxicity test (MTT assay), Eye Irritation test using Fertile Egg (HET-CAM), Patch test, Sting test and Microbiological test to utilize them on product development.