Company Profile

Business Philosophy / Vision

Business Philosophy

The Company that creates affluent and happy life

Through consistent growth and creation of profit, The company that leads a race provides affluent and happy life to a country and a society.

  • Leading Management

    With excellent management skills, Executives and Managers make AEKYUNG as a leading company.

  • Leading Thought

    By looking at the eternal future, All employees should possess positive and progressive thoughts.

  • Leading Technology

    With advanced technology, AEKYUNG products satisfy consumers.


Placing Love And Respect as our best priority;
AEKYUNG is a life-beauty leading company that pursues happiness of consumers and employees

  • Innovation and Challenge

    AEKYUNG supports the idea of ‘global No.1’- AEKYUNG is not afraid of failure and continues to conduct researches

  • Appreciation and Communication

    In order to make a good decision, AEKYUNG respects consumers and employees through appreciation.

  • Trust and Standard

    Through principle-based transparent management, AEKYUNG leads consumption where sincerity and value experience can be achieved.

Declaration of Vision

‘Innovation and challenge’ are the objectives of
our work and they are the company’s most treasured values.
‘Appreciation and communication’ is basic atmosphere of our work that creates good company culture.
‘Trust and standard’ are our work ethics, The company’s basic foundational values.
Therefore, We desire to become a ‘people of AEKYUNG’ who works
on the basis of the foundational attitude of ‘trust and standard’ and who continues to develop through innovation
and challenges under the culture and atmosphere of ‘appreciation and communication’.

[2025 Management policy]


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a culture of creativity
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