Company Profile

Enhancement of Consumer Values

Improvement in Consumer Satisfaction

Prevention of Complaint Recurrence Through Customer Service Process

Aekyung Industrial frames every activity from consumers’ point of view. We endeavor to achieve enhancement in consumer values by consistently improving management related activates.

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  1. Termination of a claim - Customer service team

    • Enter a claim processing result in the system
  2. Analysis and Feedback - Customer service team

    • Computing and analysis of daily/ weekly/monthly/ yearly report
    • Forwarding main claims made
    • Sending ‘Consumers’ voice Top’ once a week,
    • Delivering claim processing schedule when requested
    • Conducting quarterly claim counterplan measures
  3. Claim improvement activity - Product development and manufacturing related

    1. Claim analysis
    2. Scheduling claim processing date and conducting improvement process
    3. Completion of claim handling process
    4. Response feedback
    5. Read claim response thoroughly
  4. Claim improvement activity - Workers

    Consistent activity for preventing complaint recurrence

Aekyung Industrial is resolving consumers’ complaints based on ‘Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria’ Notified by
Fair Trade Commission and we are playing a role of control tower that manages and maintains claim resolution by sharing complaints with related departments so that similar claims do not recur in the future.
Furthermore, We share claims with all departments through VOC system, Investigate problems at the early stage of claims and correct them to realize consumer satisfaction.

Consumer Relationship Reinforcement

“AK Lover,” the Passage of Communication with Customers

Aekyung Industrial is running a supporters group called AK LOVER in order to realize
consumer-oriented management and strengthen partnership with consumers.


We are conducting prosumer marketing through which we can listen to different opinions on our products through
online survey, Offline FGI, product evaluation activities and reflect consumers’ opinion on our management activities.
We are also providing different benefits such as organizing supporters, cultural course and annual parties so that more consumers can try our products.


CRM Strengthening Activities (CRM : Customer Relationship Management)

  • Survey on Consumers’ Satisfaction and New Products

    In order to maintain and secure loyal consumers, We carry out surveys with consumers who made claims on our products and through this process we are consistently improving our drawbacks. Through surveys on satisfaction for new products, We reflect consumers’ opinion about product response and suggestions on products to realize consumer-oriented management.

  • Customer Relationship Management strengthening Activities through Complaints

    When products are improved reflecting customers’ opinions and claims, We send improved products to customers and maintain positive relationship through customer relationship management.

  • Product Purchased Customer Management

    Since 2011, we have been conducting consistent CRM activities which provide various benefits to AEKYUNG customers who purchased our products. Through such customer relationship strengthening activities, The number of VIP customers is steadily increasing and we are putting our best efforts in maintaining loyal customers and realizing customer satisfaction.

Strengthening Customers’ Safety

Increasing consumer’s utility with good products

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  1. 1. Idea Generation Step

    Reflecting customers’ idea

    • - AK innovation school
    • - AK LOVER
    • - Mothers’ Idea Lab
  2. 2. Commercialization Step

    Reflecting customers’ utility and risk factors

    • - HUT
    • - Survey on misused case and risk factors
  3. 3. Launching Management Step

    Reflecting safety as our top priority

    • - Safety check following product development process
    • - Construction of risk response system
    • - Management of safety and early warning system

Risk management procedures and response process

Product recovery, VOC system error, Significant claims, Casualty accident, Mass media exposure, Personal information leakage

Operation of PL Office (PL : Product Liability)

In case of product liability related incidents, AEKYUNG provides direction to employees through PL Office so that they can respond actively by maintaining Consistency, Objectivity and Sustainability.
Moreover, In order to make sure that customers use our products Safely and Efficiently, We are securing the warning sign by considering product features for every step of the product usage from product purchase to product disposal.
Through this process, We induce proper use of product, Satisfy customers’ right-to-know and guarantee objectivity of product safety.

Customer association exchange activity

AEKYUNG contributes to consumer protection through Active, Close Cooperation and Information Exchange with diverse customer associations. We also provide training and experience opportunities to students who major in consumer studies to assist them in finding suitable career and we cooperate with OCAP in field training to contribute to vitalization of education.