Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is composed of 8 members: 4 executive directors, 1 non-executive director and 3 independent directors.
The CEO, as the top decision-maker of the company, also serves as Chairman of BoD. All executive and independent directors are appointed based on their experience and expertise in their fields.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Type Name Career Highlight Responsibilities
Executive Director Dong-Seok Chae
  • - Aug. 2017 - Vice Chairman of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • - Dec. 2006 - Jul. 2017 Vice Chairman of Aekyung Group Distribution Property Development
  • - Feb. 2004 - Mar. 2011 Chairman of Pyeongtaek Yeoksa
  • - Mar. 2003 - Mar. 2013 Chairman of AK Plaza
Chairman and CEO
Executive Director Jae-Young Lim
  • -Jun.2020 - President of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Feb.2019 - May.2020 President of Aekyung Petrochemical
  • -Jan.2016 - Jan.2019 President of Chemical Division, BASF Korea
President and CEO
Executive Director Ki-bok Song
  • -Oct. 2017 - Head of Management Support, Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Jan.2015 - Sep.2017 Team Manager of Online Sales, Aekyung Industrial
Head of Management Support
Executive Director Nam-Su Kim
  • -Jul.2018 - Head of Homecare Division, Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Jan.2017 - Jun.2018 General Manager of Sales Dept., Aekyung Industrial
Head of Homecare
Non-executive Director Joon Ko
  • -Mar.2020 - Non-executive Director of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Jan.2018 - Executive Director of AK Holdings (Current)
  • -Jan.2016 - Jan.2018 Korn Ferry International Partner
Business Advisor (Non-Standing)
Independent Director Joon-Ki Min
  • -Nov.2019 - Independent Director / Member of Audit Committee of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Jul.2015 - KICPA / Advisor of SUNGMOON Accounting Corporation (Current)
  • -Apr.1999 - Jun.2015 Partner of PWC
Chief Auditor
Independent Director Jong-Min Park
  • -Nov.2019 - Independent Director / Member of Audit Committee of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Feb.2006 - Attorney, Law Firm KCL (Current)
  • -Mar.2004 - Feb.2006 Research Judge of Supreme Court
Independent Director Heum-Rae Song
  • -Nov.2019 - Independent Director / Member of Audit Committee of Aekyung Industrial (Current)
  • -Jul.2019 - Liquidator of Doore Biz (Current)
  • -Jan.2014 - Jul.2016 Head of Business support, KDB